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Faculty - Charles Allers, Ph.D.

Dr. Allers has been a pastor at San Diego Branch Church since its inception in 2013, and pastored at Horizon Christian Fellowship from 1991-2013. Dr. Allers served as the Principal of Horizon Christian Academy's Jr./Sr. High School from 2001-2003, and has been a volunteer chaplain for both the American Red Cross (since 1999) and also the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services (since 2008). In addition to his teaching duties at The Branch College of Ministry, Dr. Allers has been an adjunct professor for Azusa Pacific Seminary, Horizon University and Veritas Evangelical Seminary (where he is also Director of the Master of Divinity Program). His PhD dissertation was published in 2013 (Peter Lang Publishers and Monsoon Books in Singapore), and is entitled The Evolution of a Muslim Democrat: The Life of Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim. Dr. Allers teaches Church History and World Religions, bringing to the classroom his extensive knowledge and perspectives on church movements and developments in Islam, while continually seeking to raise up and shepherd future leaders. 


  • B.A., University of Oklahoma
  • MDiv., Azusa Pacific University
  • D.Min., Azusa Pacific University
  • Ph.D. in Isalmic Studies, University of Wales 

Faculty - Wayne Kinde, M.A.

Mr. Kinde has served as one of the pastors of the San Diego Branch Church since 2013.  Before coming to The Branch, he served as the Academic Dean for Horizon University in San Diego, and was the Sr. Vice President and Publisher at Thomas Nelson publishers in Nashville, Tennessee, overseeing the Biblical Reference, Academic & Professional, and Church Curriculum divisions. Mr. Kinde teaches various courses including Hermeneutics and Biblical Counseling, being fully devoted to the fields of both biblical exegesis and pastoral care. 


  • B.A. in Biblical Studies, Northwestern College
  • B.A. in Pastoral Studies, Northwestern College
  • M.A. in Theological Studies, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

Faculty - Richard Cates, D.Min.

Prior to coming on staff at San Diego Branch Church as a pastor in 2013, Dr. Cates spent thirty-four years working for the Federal government. Eleven of those years were spent with the Department of Defense, where he was a team leader for a classified Avionics system on Navy carriers. Dr. Cates has been teaching various courses at the collegiate level for over fifteen years, including Leadership and Administration, Romans, Revelation, and Spiritual Formation, displaying an ongoing commitment to the broad spectrum of theological instruction.  


  • MDiv., Azusa Pacific University
  • D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary

Academic Dean - Sean Henschel, M.A.

Mr. Henschel has served the Branch College of Ministry as both the Academic Dean and an instructor since 2015. In addition to his service to the college, he is an ongoing speaker for the Rock Church Pastoral Support Team, as well as a regular teacher for the Branch Church morning and evening services. Previously, Mr. Henschel served in Christian Education for five years at Horizon Christian Academy, teaching at various high school grade levels while engaging in curriculum development. In addition to his contributions to program and syllabus development at the Branch College, Mr. Henschel teaches Greek language and exegesis courses, focusing his efforts on scriptural analysis and faithful interpretation.   


  • B.B.S. (Biblical Studies), Horizon University
  • M.A. in Theological Studies, Bethel Seminary

President - J.D. Eldridge, M.A. 


Mr. Eldridge was recently named the President of the Branch College of Ministry in 2017, and will continue to serve the college as an instructor. Previously, he ministered at Horizon Christian Fellowship in various teaching contexts, and currently serves the Rock Church Pastoral Support Team through lectures and seminars. In addition to accreditation oversight and program development, Mr. Eldridge teaches Bible Customs and Geography and various Old Testament courses, being committed to both biblical Hebrew and the faithful transmission of the Scriptures.   



  • B.B.T.S. (Biblical and Theological Studies), Horizon University
  • M.A. in Theological Studies, Azusa Pacific University

Faculty - Matthew Marzec, M.A. candidate

Mr. Marzec is currently on staff at the San Diego Branch Church, where he regularly speaks at the morning and evening services. Before his transition to full-time ministry, Mr. Marzec was an account specialist/executive for various software and technology companies. In addition to his service to the Branch Church congregation and youth, Mr. Marzec serves organizations such as the Rock Church (Rock College Ministry, Pastoral Support Training, and Rock Life), through speaking engagements and seminars. Mr. Marzec teaches Apologetics and Philosophy, being fully dedicated to both defending and declaring the truth claims of Christianity. 


  • B.S. in Business Marketing, BIOLA University
  • M.A. in Philosophy (cand.), Talbot School of Theology

Faculty - Brooks Fuller, MDiv 

Mr. Fuller is the full-time Professor of Leadership for the Branch College of Ministry, and currently serves at Hope Church in San Diego. Formerly, Mr. Fuller taught at Horizon Christian Academy, served as the youth pastor for Horizon Christian Fellowship, and engaged in church planting operations with New Life Community Church. In addition to developing the leadership program and assisting in student activities, Mr. Fuller teaches Leadership and Administrative courses, being motivated by his steadfast desire to train Christian leaders for excellence in service to the church.  


  • B.T.S. (Theological Studies), Moody Bible Institute
  • MDiv., Azusa Pacific University

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