Privacy Policy

1. Responsibility 
The Branch College of Ministry (hereafter referred to as BCM) will engage in an ongoing evaluation to ensure that the personal information it gathers in its educational program is necessary for the performance of the college's legitimate public purposes and will not be dispersed to any outside agency without specific approval of the people involved.


2. Personal Rights

BCM will continue to inform all persons from whom they collect personal information, of their rights under applicable laws.



3. Foundations and Affiliated Entities

BCM will release necessary personal information concerning affected persons to an affiliated entity, that is, an institute, association, foundation, etc, in direct support of the college, provided:

    A. The use for which the material is requested is for a legitimate public purpose in support of BCM’s public mission.

B. The entity acknowledges that the material is to be used only for the purpose or purposes specified.

C. The entity acknowledges that the material will not be released to a third party without the BCM’s written consent.

D. Only so much information is released as is necessary to accomplish the stated purpose for the request.


4. The Branch College of Ministry Use

Certain areas of our website collect voluntary information that is personally identifiable, such as name, zip code, e-mail address, and credit card information. This is typically done through request and registration forms provided in order to learn of your interest in BCM and provide you with information and services. BCM may use any of the personal information it collects from affected persons as necessary to accomplish, or in support of, any of its legitimate public purposes, but will in all cases protect such information.

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